How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds in 3 Easy Steps

Pumpkin spice roasted sweet and salty pumpkin seeds

The following is a PSA announcement:


Pumpkin season is in full swing. And whether you’re using that pumpkin to make soup, bread, cheesecake, or curry, one thing is for sure, you’ve probably been ending up with lots of seeds than you know what to do with. The answer–Roast them!

raw pumpkin seeds kabocha squash

Did you know that 1 cup of pumpkin seeds contains about 12 grams of fiber? That’s ridiculous! Not only are these pumpkin seeds tasty, they make a great on-the-go snack when you’re on the run. Pack a bag and carry it in your purse, keep some at your desk and snack on them throughout your day. They’ll curb your hunger and keep you from gravitating towards that tray of holiday cookies that’s been staring at you from the office break room.

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Sweet and Fluffy Cornbread Muffins

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today is the day when we all get together and give thanks for everything that life has thrown at us. This year I have much to be thankful for: moving to a new city, jumping between multiple jobs and careers, enduring life in the TL, and still having the support of friends and family through it all. Although I can’t say that I’ve quite figured it all out, I am thankful to be where I am today.

Today, I’d like to share a recipe that is a must-have at every Thanksgiving table: cornbread. I’m not just talking about corn-flavored bread, I’m talking about moist, fluffy, and slightly sweet pillows of cornbread.

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