5 Shocking Facts About Pesticides Used on Food

In the light of the recent elections to mandate GMO labeling (which sadly did not pass), I decided to educate myself more about the mysteries of America’s agricultural industry. So I decided to turn my romantic chick flick movie night, into an educational one and watched Our Daily Poisona documentary by Marie Monique-Robin, author of “The World According to Monsanto.”

Organic Farmers Market Produce

Organic Farmers Market Veggies

This film blew my mind. It seems that the general population was much more alarmed by the use of pesticides in our food back in the 1960s, when these chemicals were first introduced into our food chain. More than 50 years later, these efforts have long died out and we seem to have accepted that using pesticides on our food is actually quite normal. This film makes it apparent that the government, not just within the US, but international committees as well, including the World Health Organization, has not done a very good job in being transparent when it comes to the reporting and monitoring of these poisons and their harmful effects on humans.

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Organic Dry Farmed Tomatoes

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