From Quenelles to Canals

Lyon Quenelles and Rice dinner

Oh boy, it’s been a whirlwind these past couple of days. Leaving Lyon, was bittersweet. The quiet, cobblestone streets and rustic ambiance of the town offered me some much needed relief and solace from the intensity of Paris. On our last night, Geoffrey threw an intimate dinner party and prepared a traditional Lyonnaise dish called, quenelles.

DinnerLyonQuenelles Quenelles are made with a mixture of fish mousse, eggs and breadcrumbs. It takes a very long and labor-intensive process to make these dumplings, but it is worth it. The mixture must be pushed through a sieve several times, resulting in a texture that is light, fluffy, and creamy. The quenelles are poached and simmered slowly in a financier sauce, a light tomato sauce containing mushrooms and olives, and they plump up as they absorb the sauce.


Dinner party cheese plate lyon

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