Beyond the Embarcadero Part II: Wine and Dine

Continued from Beyond the Embarcadero Part I

Sutton Cellars Winery

Upon exiting  Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous, we turn the corner and discover a sign that piques my interest: Sutton Cellars. Huh? They’ve got artisanal wineries in the Dogpatch too?!  We walk up to a large red brick building and linger outside dough-eyed and curious, like apprehensive tourists (which we basically were). A nice lady welcomes us in and offers us wine tastings for just $5. Um…Yes please! We grab our wine glasses and are given a variety of wines to taste, all truly unique and flavorful.

Sutton Cellars Dry Vermouth infused with Chamomile and Rosemary

Most notably, we got to try the housemade dry Vermouth, flavored with natural herbs including rosemary and wild chamomile. Dry and herbaceous, it was sharp yet finished smoothly.

Head winemaker from Sutton Cellars

The owner and artisanal winemaker, Carl, is truly passionate about his craft and is a living encyclopedia of wine knowledge. With his sarcasm and wit, he is also quite entertaining to talk to as we joked about the impending rise of the hipster population and how everyone and their mom is becoming a blogger these days (Guilty!).

Sutton Cellars Wine

Offering great wine, great ambiance, and great conversation, Sutton Cellars is definitely a hidden gem. You can even take a home a jug of the house wine, and get it refilled the next time you come back! Hmm…I’m starting to like this Dogpatch place…

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