Brussels Sprouts Veggie Tacos

It’s almost time. In less than one week I will finally be in Paris! Over the course of the next two months, I will be backpacking throughout Europe. I can already taste the warm flaky croissants and fresh baguettes from Paris, paired with the world’s most sublime cheeses. I can already smell the smoky porchetta in Rome, slowly roasting over a spitfire for hours. I can hear the clanking of wine glasses filled with spicy Tempranillo from the vineyards of Spain. In order to prepare for the onslaught and debauchery of pure carbs, rich fatty meats and lots of alcohol over the next two months, I am amping up the veggie content in my diet here at home.

Brussels Sprout Veggie Tacos

One of my favorite veggies are brussels sprouts. Often times, eating only veggies for a meal leaves me feeling hungry too quickly. However, because brussels sprouts are so hearty and  packed with fiber, I end up feeling full and satisfied. Not to mention, they are packed with potassium and B-vitamins, which are essential for veggie-lovers. I also used some portabello mushrooms, which I love for their meaty texture.

Brussel Sprout Veggie TacosBrussels Sprout Veggie Tacos

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