A peculiar wine shop in Paris


En Vrac is not just your average wine shop.En Vrac Wine

En Vrac Wine Bottles

For starters, they sell wine in BULK. So you can buy as little or as much wine as you want! You can either bring your own bottle/container to fill up with wine, or use one of their pretty glass bottles for a small deposit.

En Vrac Bulk Wine Tanks

Genius concept right? I first read about this wine shop when my friend Chelsea (a newly-wed by the way!) posted an article on my Facebook page. Anna Brones at PunchDrink.com, introduces the wine shop’s founders whose goal is to offer “wine without pretense” and to “represent a sort of rustic simplicity that is increasingly foreign to a generation that grew up on the internet.”

En Vrac WineEn Vrac Wine Shop

I was set on trying this place out. Well…after a nearly 2 hour long search, trudging along beneath the hot sun, within an endless maze of roads and alleys, and consequently, a deteriorating sense of direction, we finally found it.

En Vrac Vin de Pays

We treated ourselves to a half bottle of red, from the southern French region of Pays d’Oc. A dry medium-bodied red wine, light in flavor with tantalizing notes of blackberry, with a finish that was as smooth as Merlot.

En Vrac Wine

Wine at En Vrac Paris

I was half-tempted to dump out the water in my giant Nalgene bottle and fill it up with wine instead…but I dont think wine is a great source of hydration for backpackers. Paris continues to surprise me with gems like En Vrac–diamonds in the rough, hidden beneath the glitz and glamour of the vigorous city.


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