About Shef Sherry

Shef Sherry at Flour + Water SF

About Shef Sherry 

Chef: A professional cook who is usually in charge of a kitchen in a restaurant.

Shef: A former pastry cook who realized that being a chef was NOT for her, but continues to love cooking and is constantly on the search for the next best taco.

Hi! I’m Sherry, a former pastry cook and pug-mama living in San Diego.

I could fill this space with fluffy verbiage of how much I love eating and cooking, but chances are you already know that. That’s how you ended up here! Besides, these days, I’m mostly writing about food over at This Hungry City.

What I will talk about here is where the name “Shef” comes from. It’s my way of owning up to the fact that I’m just your average wannabe chef. Being a pastry cook in San Francisco really taught me one thing about fulfilling my (then) lifelong dream of becoming a pastry chef: that it was NOT for me.

Lost, confused and a shattered dream later, Shef Sherry emerged from the rubble. It’s where I continue to share my recipes, and document my travels through the language of food.





5 thoughts on “About Shef Sherry

  1. You’re food looks delicious. You’ve come a really long way. I see greatness in your art. Never lose the passion!

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